Foldable Playpen With Iron Fence Cage

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*A foldable cage that you can put in any shape or form.

*each panel is 34 cm x 34 cm

*Easy to move and set up. And keeps your pet inside. It's a playpen!!

*Puppy Kennel House,  Exercise Training  Space

*suitable for puppies,kitens, rabbits, and guinea pig , any pet that doesn't climb


*Color :As picture

*Solid construction 

*Easy to assemble easily, energy and time saveing.

*Can be also used for training, as a kennel, or for other purposes, both indoors and outdoors

NOTE:Package includes:
6 Pcs Panel(other accessories not included)
1 Pack Buckles

Notice:Due to the weight limit of the package, all 8 pieces with doors, 10 pieces with doors and 10 orders without doors will be split into 2 packages. Please wait your parcels patient