Stainless Steel Hanging Waterer

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*Hanging Water Bottle That Fits On The Side Of The Cage.

*Easy To Setup And Access.

*Three Sizes S Capacity: 180ml, M Capacity: 350ml  L Capacity: 750ml

Please pay attention to the usage technique: be sure to fill with water. If it is not filled with water, the internal pressure will be insufficient and the water will leak. Install the faucet and tighten it. Some of the water bottles are cork-shaped. Turn the water bottle upside down and block the water outlet with your fingers, and shake it up and down several times to empty the air in the front of the water outlet. You can see bubbles emerging from the end of the water outlet, and you can also squeeze the bottle body and squeeze out a small amount of drinking water to create a vacuum in the bottle to promote the balance of pressure inside and outside the bottle.

It is normal for the installed water bottle to drip naturally in the first few minutes. When the pressure inside and outside the bottle reaches the equilibrium point, the natural dripping will stop.


Excellent workmanship, non-toxic and durable.

The best tool for your pet, they can drink water easily.

Stainless steel mouth design, firm enough.